S t r e e t Photography

by Jouke B. Voolstra
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Fujifilm X-E1 with Funion 35mm 1.4 and Helios 58/2 44M.

What’s Up?

The Russian MC Helios 77M-4 50/1.8 arrived from Ukraïne, which supposes to swirl and to be sharper then the Helios 44M 52/2. To get an impression, Check this out on Helios 77M-4 MC 50mm F1.8 to see my first sampleshots.

Thank you for passing by! Photography is a passion of me from when I had my first camera, the analogue Canon AE1-Program. The Canon 400D was my first digital experience… very disappointing. The day arrived when I purchased the Canon 5D Mark II, full frame. I visited a wedding with this camera and the couple ended up using my photographs as their Wedding Photographer, while I was not ‘the’ photographer.

Still aiming the quality that I got used to in the analogue world, I purchased the Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 3,5/18, the Distagon T* 1,4/35 and the Canon 135mm L lens. Carl Zeiss made photography interesting again! I used those manual lenses with another Wedding. It came out awesome! Yet.. Colors were still to much Canon. I sold the whole bunch and purchased the Fujifilm X-E1 camera. No full frame, but finally the colors were much more natural and even the Bookeh of the 35mm Fujinon lens gave photos that got much closer to my taste. Besides.. I never realized the importance of size of camera for street photography until I started photographing with this relative small camera.

I don’t regret one second of changing from Canon to Fujifilm.